Locked phones are no more?

if we needed another reason for 2021 to come quicker. This is it.

Ofcom have slapped telecommunication companies with several new measure that will com into play at the end of 2021. Regulator Ofcom argued that unlocking handsets could sometimes be a difficult situation, which discourages owners from switching providers at the close of their agreements.

Many network providers have already stopped locking there devices but others argue, locking handsets can prevent and deter theft. O2, Sky, Three and Virgin now sell unlocked handsets. BT and its EE mobile division,Vodafone and Tesco Mobile are yet to follow suit.

Ofcoms director, Selina Chandha “It will save people time, money and effort – and help them unlock better deals,” 

Why can it be so difficult?

Ofcom has stated that the process of switching provider on a locked device can be difficult and tiresome. I have been known to give up, leading to being forced into changing a perfectly good handset. From waiting a long time to obtain the code required to trigger the operation, and then realising that the code does not work – to consumers losing service after not actually realising they had locked devices in the first place. 

What do you think?